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ID-release donors have voluntarily and actively decided that children are allowed to learn his identity when they reach the legal age for contact request. It is important that you know that only the child has the right to receive information about his or her donor.

An ID-release donor profile contains a wealth of information about the donor, which gives you a picture of who he is. Among other things, his job, hobbies, education, baby photos and more. You will also find a thorough description of the staff’s impression of the donor, so that you have the best possible conditions for choosing the right donor match. In addition, it is possible to download an extended PDF profile.

Although the donor has agreed to be contacted as an ID-release donor, we cannot guarantee that he will accept the contact when the child is old enough to request it. We do not inform the donor about who receives his units or about donor children, and it will always be up to the donor child whether he or she wishes contact with his or her donor origin.

At SellmerDiers, all donors in the ID-release category can as a maximum be a donor for 25 families worldwide. Read more here.

Je voudrais aider d'autres qui n'ont pas la possibilité d'avoir des enfants sans donneur. Citation par Abbott

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